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a friend of mine found this questions and i am a fan of such questions. i didnt make such stuff for years so now.... NEW questions for me....
guys i would LOVE to read your answers too.
if you have a litte time ..... PLEASE fill this answers... i would love to read a little bout you guys too ^.^

- red or blue?


- winter or summer?

both definetly but more summer

- morning or evening?

morning .. i love sleeping long but i am more a "morning" person

- fantasy or scifi?

BOTH ... what a question

- your style?

my style?... ohm... i dont know, i think casual, but i too love ethno, boho, vintage style !!!!! (in the last few years i got more fan of flowers on clothes, perfect because vintagestyle is at the moment easy to get hehe)

- sport or no sport?

sport, sport, sport !!!!!

- day or night?

hm i dont understand the question... day is better for doing stuff and i love when its light. but night is too very nice ... i love sleeping (who not?) hahahhahahahaha

- nailcolours oder not?

definetly yes. i love colouring my toes nails every toe in an other colour!!!

- lord of the rings or hobbit?

lord of the rings... for me its 1000% lotr

-music you like and dont like?

like: abba, bryan adams, soundtracks, moviemusic
dont like: anastasia, hiphop

- how much good friends you can really count on?

pu.. a few but the best are....5 guys

- pizza or pasta?


- your haircolour?

natural dark brown but its coloured blonde

- breakfast or lunch?

both ^.- hahah

- silver or gold?

gold, rosegold and pure goldcolour

- optimistic or pessimistic?

more optimistic i think

- bus or taxi?

nothing... i dont use any of it

- car or bicycle?

bicycle !!!!!!!!! and car i love my bicycle and my car ^^

- how much sport in the week?

hm 3 times ... sometimes more, sometimes less

- "spezial" on you?

puuuu... my tattoos? or .... i am a freak of writing lists from..... EVERYTHING i make a lot lists hahahahh ^^ love it. its my hobby

- recycling and fairtraide?

jep definetly recycling AND fairtrade.... in all. i try to make a lot of vegetables in my own or mums garden, buy food more fair these days... and clothes, i too have stuff from c&a and h&m but it gets more to "fair wear" and fairtrade shops... my last backpack is made of 11 petbottles with less chemicals and engery (love it)

- now in a relastionship?

yep ^-^

- do you have a pet?

yes a dog hera

- classic book or book reader?

classic book!

- your phone name?

honor 5x

- your 5 favourite movies?

immer ärger mit sergant bilko, last action hero, lord of the rings, cars

- your 5 favourite tv shows?

friends, vikings, big bang, home improvement, supernatural

- brands you love to wear?

ppuuuuuu in the last few years i have a few new favourites...... blutsgeschwister, armedangels, grüne erde, naketano, vive maria, turek, tchibo .........

- your portemonnaie is?

what.. "is" ... name? or what... its yellow red and its from "liebeskind berlin"

- shoes or bags?

bags definetly

- fastfood yes or no?

sometimes but not very often

- favourtie game?


- makeup yes or no?

yes a little but  not every day

- are you in school or do you work?


- your favourite actor?

ewan mc gregor

- your favourite actress?

drew barrymore

- something you have to say out loud?

a few questions are..... aha !  but i like such questions answer things ^^
i say thanks for the questions and i am looking forward to read your answers friends ^.^ ^.^ ^.^